Friday, 31 October 2014


I've spent basically forever looking for 'the perfect nude' nail polish to suit my skin tone. I have quite warm coloured skin so I tend to go for peachy toned nudes so they don't look too dull. I purchased Topshop's 'Mannequin' and if I'm totally honest, it just got lost within my never ending collection of nail polishes. I rediscovered it one day when I was picking out a nail polish to wear and oh my goodness... who knew I would love a nude so much!? I'm not the biggest fan of Topshop's nail polish usually as I find the brushes are too small therefore making my nail polish a total mess as it just doesn't go on smooth. I couldn't resist this colour though so I made my best attempt to apply it smoothly. I can't believe this had been sitting in my drawer for so long! I'm completely in love with this colour! It's just the perfect shade of nude to suit my skin tone. Well Done Topshop!

Have you found your perfect nude?
Thanks for reading!
Jessica xx