Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

I'm a bit of a super clean freak when it comes to my skin and I'm automatically in love with anything that makes my skin as clean as possible. I was bought the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser a few years back as I used to get acne quite bad. I've repurchased this over and over again and I'm a very happy bunny as it leaves my skin squeaky clean. If you've never heard of this product or even if your contemplating buying it I can't stress how much you neeeeed to buy this! Whilst running a bath I remove my makeup with a baby wipe and then wait around five minutes so that my face is dry and make up free. Once dry and in the bath, I then apply this all over my face and neck (like a mini face massage!). With a damp muslin cloth I then remove the cream from my face ensuring that I keep using a clean part of the muslin cloth for each part of my face. Finally, I splash my newly clean skin with ice cold water and then pat my face/neck with a towel. Although I'd already taken off my makeup with a baby wipe you can guarantee that this will get any parts you've missed and completely cleanse your skin. I find that this leaves my skin super smooth and clean, it's most definitely one of my 'skincare staples' as it isn't too much hassle and is SO worth the results! 

Jessica xx

Friday, 18 April 2014


I recently received my Triangl bikini which I've been wanting FOREVER! It's pretty obvious that this bikini is absolutely amazing. I'm so in love with it! The neoprene bag that it comes with is so lovely and would be great for use on the beach. The only downside to this is the sizing. When I contacted one of the lovely girls at Triangl and gave them my measurements they said that I would be a size small top and medium bottoms. I ordered medium both just to be on the safe side because I'd rather have it slightly larger than too small. They arrived and the bottoms fit fine although the top is too small. I'm aware that the Triangl bikini tops aren't meant to be full coverage but this wasn't barely covering anything! I couldn't imagine what it would have been like if I had of ordered the small! I loooove this bikini so much so I will have to either return it or exchange for a larger size top. Overall I absolutely love the bikini although the top doesn't fit. 

Jessica xx

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Get to know me!

What's your full name?
Jessica Chantelle Rivers.

How tall are you?
I'm 5"1! Tiny I know.

Where do you live?
I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne in England.

Do you have any siblings? 
I don't! I'm an only child (which I'm very thankful for).

Do you have any pets?
I have a black pug called Ella! I'm currently trying to pursuade my parents to let me have a fish, for the 4th time.

Who inspires you?
I love Mimi Elashiry, Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsens style.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
I have my ears pierced five times. Two on each lobe and I have my cartilage on my left ear pierced. I don't have any tattoos!

What are your hobbies? 
I'm all for anything creative really! I love shopping, baking and watching various films/TV programmes. I'm a huge fan of Netflix at the moment (I'm currently loving prison break). I often find myself picking up little bits and bobs for my room and redecorating.

What was your favourite subject at school?
Art was my favourite subject at school, it always has been!

What's your favourite food?
I absolutely love chips (bad, I know!). I'm also a huge fan of sushi.

What's the best vacation/holiday you've been on?
Cancun has to be my favourite holiday by far! It was breathtaking! The beaches were so amazing and the shopping was on another level! It was truely something out of a movie.

Where would you most like to visit?
Thailand has always been at the top of my 'dream holiday' list. It looks soooo great!!

If there's anything else you'd like to know just ask!!!

Jessica xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Summer is coming!

I didn't really have any plans for today but when I woke up and saw the lovely sunny weather outside I just couldn't resist going for a walk around the park! I love going for long walks in the sun while it lasts. I spent the rest of my day browsing online for birthday ideas as I turn 18 next month and all I've heard recently is 'what would you like for your birthday?', so I thought I better get looking. I have a few ideas in mind but I may do a birthday post closer to my birthday.

This was my outfit for today. I wore a black floaty top, ripped skinny jeans, a maxi floral kimono and my coral bow sandals. I wore my hair in a messy bun with round sunglasses! 

How did you spend your day?

Jessica xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Positivity is key

"Spend all of your time with negative people and you will become like them. Why? Because you'll pick up their bad habits, behaviours, energy and their attitudes. Make it a goal this year to align yourself with positive people that encourage you, inspire you and bring out only the best in you. Be with people who can contribute to your growth and not your death and you'll be happy." - Robert Tew

Today's details

This is my hair and makeup for today. It's super sunny (surprisingly for England), so I kept my makeup simple and wore my hair messy/natural. To get my hair like this I just apply Bumble and Bumble's thickening hairspray into my roots before drying my hair after a bath and then dry my hair messy. 

I took my dog Ella on a walk around where I live (yes, a pug!). She sat down on the grass and refused to walk as usual! 

My wrist jewellery for today. My skull bracelet is from River Island as a part of a friendship pack.

As it was sunny I wore my favourite cat eye sunglasses. I absolutely love these but I rarely get to wear them as living in England we rarely get sun.

This is my outfit for today. I am in love with these trousers. I picked them up in Primark whilst browsing and although I'm in love with them they are far too long for me! I have to wear wedges/heels with these and they are still long! Oh the perks of being 5ft 1!!!

Jessica xx

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Current favourites

1. Dolce and Gabbana 3 L'ImpĂ©ratrice. £38.50 for 100ml from Boots. I first
purchased this a while ago whilst at the airport travelling to Cancun.
This perfume smells SO amazing. It is by far my favourite fragrance that I've
ever smelt. I just couldn't resist buying this. I personally think that you have to 
smell this perfume to understand how amazing it is. I have already repurchased
this perfume since first buying it and I will most definitely be repurchasing again
and again.

2. Midi rings. £3 from River Island. I am such a lover of simple jewellery and
these are perfect for me. These midi rings are so versatile and can therefore go
with any outfit. I find these really good if I don't feel like wearing a lot of
jewellery but I don't want to be completely bare. I personally find that since
I have such skinny fingers that these rings occasionally fall off but it's not too
much of a problem.

3. Pineapple. Weird? I know. I am recently going through a phase of loving
pineapple. Growing up I was never too keen on it but I'm trying to be healthier
and I picked one up whilst 
food shopping. I LOVE IT!

4. OPI in Malaga Wine. £11.95 for 15ml from Debenhams. This nail polish is
suuuuper lovely on. I have it in the shade 'Malaga Wine' which is a burgundy
colour. Once dry, this nail polish has a glossy finish which looks so expensive.
I've noticed that all OPI nail polishes stay on for a long time and are just of a
really high quality. I find that this shade suits my skin colour perfectly and will
most definitely be repurchasing.

5. St Tropez Bronzing Lotion. £30.64 for 240ml from Debenhams. I received
this product as a gift from my auntie and I love it. I find that this works best
when applied with moisturizer at the same time. The only disadvantage about
this product is that once opened it has to be used within six months. I received
the large bottle and it would have been impossible to use the whole bottle in
six months as I'm not a die hard self tanner. I have used this past the six 
month mark and it is just the same so I wouldn't worry too much about it. 
I would definitely recommend.

6. Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. £22 from Mac. WOW! This product
is so amazing. I never usually follow trends or anything but when I heard so
many people talking about this product I thought 'Why not try it?'. 
I am SO glad that I did! This is by far my favourite makeup product to use on
my skin. It gives such a lovely glow and highlights my skin in all of the right
places. This product looks amazing all year round. If you buy anything this
month, I would highly recommend that you buy this!

7. Delicate Heart Ring. £35 from Pandora. I was given this ring as a
Valentine's gift from my boyfriend and I love it so much. It is so petite and
cute and I find that the ring looks chunkier online than it does in person.
The photos online just don't do it justice as although it looks lovely online
it is truly beautiful on. I have a size 48, which is the smallest size that Pandora
do and it fits perfectly.

8. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge VoluptĂ© Shine. £25 from Debenhams. This lipstick is suuuuuper lovely. I am in love with it. It is so perfect once applied and I find that it stays on for quite a long while. The colour is so pigmented and therefore only requires one application.

9. Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction. 5 for £30 from Victoria's Secret. Recently I visited Leeds and I went into Victoria's Secret as I don't have one in my city. I was adamant that I wasn't going home empty handed so I spent a good hour in here and searched around. I smelt so many things and without a doubt the Pure Seduction range was the best. We visited Leeds just before Christmas so my boyfriend kindly offered to buy me them as a Christmas present. I haven't stopped using them since! These are beyond amazing and I can't stress how great these are. As long as Victoria's Secret keep making these, I will keep buying them! Love, love, love!!!  

10. Aussie Mega Shampoo. £4.69 for 300ml from Boots. I personally find it quite hard to find a shampoo which doesn't leave any residue on my hair. The Aussie mega shampoo leaves my hair feeling suuuper clean and I love it. I like to ensure that my hair is squeaky clean as I put a lot of products on it before drying. I find that if my hair isn't completely clean when I put products on it, it gets quite dirty easy and quite awkward to work with. I would completely recommend this product!


Hello! I've been meaning to start a new blog for a while now and I just haven't had the chance to get around to it, so here it is! This blog is just going to generally be snippets of my life and what I get up to. Enjoy!

Jessica xx