Friday, 20 February 2015


Being a massive beauty lover means that I've saw this product a million times via Australian beauty bloggers. Having spoke about it to a few people when I first heard about it, I got the impression that it was virtually impossible to get my hands on in the UK unless I wanted to buy it online and get it shipped from abroad. I totally forgot about it and was having a browse in my local Superdrug store today and spotted what looked like a brand new section filled with Bondi Sands products. Who knew Superdrug sold Bondi Sands!? Ahhhhh, am I dreaming? Of course, I spent forever deciding what to buy and I finally decided on the light/medium self tanning mist as I could build it up gradually to however dark I fancied.

After bathing and exfoliating, I waited a few hours and then applied the first layer in the bathroom. I applied this product myself which, if your not used to self tanning with sprays, I would not recommend. I'm used to self tanning with sprays but if your not I would recommend getting someone to spray you as it can get reaaaally messy for beginners (especially trying to do your back). I loved the results after the first application but it just wasn't dark enough for me so I waited 30 minutes as advised and reapplied another layer and it was perfect. It gives such a lovely glow and it smells of coconuts. In the non-weirdest kinda way, I just can't stop smelling myself. Ahhhh the smell of holiday. I would completely reccomend this self tanning mist and I can't wait to try more products from Bondi Sands.

Thanks for reading,
Jessica xx