Monday, 1 June 2015


Two posts in one week! Aren't you lucky. If I'm completely honest, I've missed having this time to sit down and write blog posts, it's kinda therapeutic to me. As I'm completely obsessed with all things nail related, I received the SensatioNail starter kit as a gift for my birthday this month. And WHAT a gift it was. The kit comes complete with a gel cleanser, gel primer, gel base/top coat, a gel nail polish and the LED lamp. They do the set in four different colours that I'm aware of; pink chiffon, scarlet red, french manicure and raspberry. I have the Scarlet Red polish with mine as I absolutely love a classic red but I also purchased two more colours (gold glitter and guilty pleasure) soon after I tried the set out as I loved it so much.

The set comes with a little leaflet which has instructions on how to use the kit and the stages/times when to use what and is super easy to follow. I read some reviews online and most said that it was best to cure the gel for double the guide time, so for example, if the instructions say cure for 30 seconds, I cured for 60 seconds. This just ensures the gel is cured properly and won't smudge. Tip: Don't touch the gel after you have cured it! I made the massive mistake of thinking that it would be instantly dry. Wrong! I would advise that you don't try and touch your nails until you are completely finished and have applied the cleanser to remove the moisture layer!

I am super happy with this product overall and would completely recommend to anyone who loves to have amazing nails but finds doing them a chore! The polish stays on perfectly without chipping for around two weeks and has an amazing glossy coat!

(Guilty Pleasure gel polish by SensatioNail and rings by Primark.)

Thanks for reading!
Jessica xxx