Thursday, 26 February 2015


If you've been following me on twitter for a while, you'll know that prior to Christmas, I developed an unhealthy obsession with the Laura Mercier verbena collection. I'm pretty sure it featured in one of my wishlists also. I just can't help it, who can blame me. If you love anything super fresh and uplifting then you have to try this! Oh my goodness, I can only describe it as heaven in a box. I went on and on and on and on about this before Christmas and I figured since I had went on about it so much, I couldn't buy it myself as my mum refused to let me near the Laura Mercier counter (I had my suspicions she had bought it as a Christmas gift), and I was right! So you can imagine my excitement on Christmas morning. 

The box contains four items; a gel body scrub, a gel body moisture, an eau de toilette and a pulse point balm. 

gel body scrub
This one's most definitely my favourite.  I think it's due to having the strongest scent of all the products within the verbena range. When you open the gel body scrub it's so strong and refreshing I could just sit there and smell it for hours. I use it in the bath to gently exfoliate. You have to be gentle with this as I've found that this is quite rough on your skin, a lot rougher than any other body scrub I've tried. It most definitely does the job alongside smelling amazing.

gel body moisture
After using the gel body scrub, I get out of the bath, get dried and then apply this all over my body focusing on elbows and knees as they're my driest areas. I absolutely love the gel body moisture as hours later you're still smelling great and it leaves your skin super smooth.

eau de toilette
The main reason I first fell in love with this range. I was at the Laura Mercier counter and sprayed this on a sample card, days later my bag still smelled amazing and I just knew I had to have it. It's super fresh and uplifting and keeps you smelling amazing hours later. What more could you want!?

pulse point balm
When I first saw this, I got really exited about it as I thought I could take it everywhere and smell amazing all day. If I'm completely honest, I was pretty dissapointed. It's just not as strong as I had hoped for and once applied, I can't smell it for any longer then 5/10 minutes. I suppose it's handy to keep in your for a little touch up but I wouldn't go crazy about it.

What are your thought on Laura Mercier's Verbena Collection?
 Thanks for reading,
Jessica xx