Sunday, 31 May 2015


My birthday was this month and as a complete candle fanatic, what else would I possibly spend my birthday money on! I had spied the Wild Mint candle in Zoe Sugg's 'Product Empties' video and I knew I had to try it. I basically ran into The White Company (no change there), and there it was, calling my name. I actually don't have any candles from The White Company so was super excited to try one but I always like to smell them first before purchasing so I went in-store. OH MY GOODNESS! I can honestly say I've never smelt anything so good in my entire life (the holder it's in is absolutely beautiful and matches my room so that's a plus). If you love mojitos, you need this candle in your life. It smells so refreshing and uplifting. I think that you have to smell a candle yourself to know if you love it or not. I was contemplating purchasing the room spray also but I thought I better try the candle out first to test the waters. I've burned it around 7 times now and it still smells as amazing as when I first purchased it. I will most definitely be purchasing the room spray and be checking out the rest of the Wild Mint collection! Let me know if you have any candles that you love

Thanks for reading!
Jessica xxx