Tuesday, 23 September 2014


There's nothing I love more than buying gifts. Buying gifts for men on the other hand, is a much harder task in itself. Every year my boyfriend buys me amazing gifts and when it comes to it, I just don't have a clue what to buy him! I thought I'd do a 'buying gifts for men' post as I find them super helpful when I'm looking for gifts and seeing as Christmas is coming fast (92 days and counting), this might come in very helpful! I tend to brainstorm everything that they're interested in or that I know they love as a starting point and then work my way from there. I've just been shopping for my boyfriends birthday presents so here's just a few ideas of gifts that you could buy your other half, or even your granddad...

A classic shirt
What man isn't ever going to need a shirt in his life!? I personally love shirts as they're so basic yet can make a whole outfit a million times better. I totally love this Ralph Lauren shirt.

A really good quality bag
Everyone needs just a really good quality bag in their life. I completely fell in love with this one from Ted Baker and it would be ideal for autumn.

A pair of casual yet 'goes with everything I own' shoes
There's no better colour than black. And I bought my boyfriend these black Polo Ralph Lauren plimsolls for his birthday. He spotted them whilst we were out shopping and has mentioned them a few times since so I can't wait for him to see them. They'll go with just about any outfit, casual or dressy.

A timeless watch
Ok, ok, well not literally timeless. That would totally defeat the object of a watch, right? But I do love this Michael Kors watch as it's so classic yet sophisticated.

An aftershave which smells amazing
I'm not too fussed on men's aftershave if I'm totally honest. Paco Rabanne's One Million is by far the best I've smelt though. I like it a whoooole lot.

And finally... just a really good pair of underpants
There's nothing worse than ugly underwear and I think less is more. I like the Calvin Klein underwear as it's so simple yet classic. Ok, I'll stop before this gets weird. But really, nice underwear is a necessity.

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Let me know if you have any recommendations for future posts,
Jessica xx