Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Over and over again I find myself watching YouTube videos or reading blog posts and spotting nail polishes that I just neeeeed in my life. That's exactly what happened with this one. I've saw people wearing this so many times and I've just been dying to know what it was. I was scrolling though blog posts one day and I saw that a lot of people were mentioning Fiji by Essie. I googled it and HALLELUJAH! I'd found it after what felt like forever. Of course, like the crazy nail polish obsessed woman that I am, basically ran to every single Boots or Superdrug near me to try and grab one. As you may have guessed, I wasn't disappointed with the results. I absolutely love the creamy pale pink colour, I'm usually not a fan of really light nail polish but this looks so sophisticated and goes with absolutely everything! It's so uplifting compared to the darker coloured nail polishes I usually wear and I'm already obsessed. Well Done Essie!

What nail polish are you loving this summer?
Jessica xx