Thursday, 8 May 2014

Smashbox 'Brow Tech Trio'

I've always been massively envious of people who have amazing eyebrows (or at least fill them in amazingly). As you may know, I'm blonde and I most definitely can't say that for my eyebrows. They're a lot darker than my hair and I attempted to fill them in once and it ended disasterously. My mum uses the Smashbox Brow Tech Trio and around a month ago was adamant that I should let her do my eyebrows with this little product. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Why did I not do this sooner? I've completely fell in love with this product and I've used it every day since (which my mum isn't happy about as it was a brand new tub!). It is most definitely being put at the top of my birthday wish list. The trio consists of a wax and two different coloured powders. I have this in the shade Taupe/Soft Brown. You use the lighter shade to fill your brows and then the darker shade to define them.  I use my Smashbox Angle Brow Brush #12 to apply this product. You just simply dab the tip of the #12 brush into the powder you want and then into the wax and apply! As you can see, the wax isn't going to stay clear! This product is the only one I've ever found that fills and defines my eyebrows without making them go overly dark and look horrific. It's super natural looking and so easy to apply. 10/10 from me!

Jessica xx